About me

Here's some basic information about me that might be good to know when you read my blog.

I'm living in a small town in Sweden with my wife and two kids. I work as Learning Designer at IKEA of Sweden in Ă„lmhult. In this blog you will not hear anything specific about what goes on at IKEA. I will use this blog to talk about my favourite subject, Learning. I will share my experience, my ideas, visions and thoughts about Learning in general and Learning at work in particular.

At times I might sneek in something about music as well, sometimes I just got to let people know of great music they otherwise risk to miss. I listen to a lot of different kinds of music but my focus is on metal and punk rock (right now I listen to Social Distortion, the coolest punk rockers around).

My main purpose for having this blog is to learn myself. For that reason your contribution is vital.

So happy reading and don't hesitate to leave a comment.