Monday, 29 November 2010

Setting up the blog

Ok so here I am. It's time to enter the world of blogging. It has been quite a journey to get here. In this first post I will write about the different questions I have asked myself from when I started considering a blog up until now when I have actually started it.

  1. Why should I blog?
  2. What should I blog about?
  3. Where should I blog?
  4. How should my blog look like?
In this very first post I will answer these questions and hopefully by that make it a bit clearer for anyone reading it (and probably for myself as well) who I am, what I will blog about and why you should continue visiting my blog.

1. Why should I blog?
This is probably both the easiest and the hardest question to answer. Easy because I am a strong believer in sharing what you know to others. And blogging seems like a very good way to share my ideas, thoughts, questions and hopefully answers.
   Hardest because it's a matter of self-confidence. In this question lies so many other much tougher questions like:
  • Who would even be remotely interested in what I write about?
  • Do I have anything interesting to write about?
  • Do I know things worth writing about
  • Can I even write in a good enough way?
  • Why should I take up people's precious time with my stupid writings?
Of course all these question have the origin in low self-esteem. So why have I now taken the step to do this? One reason is that when I started to use Twitter a couple of weeks ago I realized after a while that at least some people (thanks my precious followers) were actually interested in what I have to say. I also realized that there were a lot of people out there who share my ideas about learning in a corporate environment.
   What finally made me take the step were two things. Number one was when the magnificent blogger Tony Karrer ( asked me if I had a blog. Then I thought: "If he is interested, probably others are as well."
   The other reason is that during the latest session of #lrnchat we were asked "How do we maintain a development momentum for ourselves?" (ourselves referring to L&D people). My answer was to share ideas and learn from each other and that my own task was to start this blog.

In my coming posts I will try to answer the other questions leading up to this historical event.

Please leave comments on anything and everything. I am mainly interested in hearing your thoughts on my language skills (as I am not a native English speaker) and the design of the blog.

Thanks for now!


  1. Mattias:

    I think I will try to grab the first comment here. Ultimately, the blog will take on a life of its own, but I think those of us who connect with you via Twitter are interested in your journeys on the learning highway. e.g. what have you learned, what did you try, what might you not try again. Those sorts of things.

    But don't be afraid to have fun, too. ;-)


  2. Look forward to seeing more from you.