Monday, 21 February 2011

Suggestion for Hootcourse on "The New Learning Architect"

In a few weeks time there will be a #lrnbook chat about the book "The New Learning Architect" by Clive Shepherd, that I will participate in.

Our course leader @britz asked a question on Twitter today on how to divide the reading of the book over the course period. Here is my suggestion:

1. We skip the Profile chapters as these deal with one individual per chapter. I am not sure if it's interesting to discuss these peoples work.

2. This is how I would chunk the chapters:
  1. Week 1: Introduction, Time for a rethink, One more time, how do people learn?
  2. Week 2: A contextual model for learning, Top-down learning, Bottom-up learning
  3. Week 3: Formal learning, Non-formal learning, On-demand learning
  4. Week 4: Experiential learning, Putting the model to use
Ok, that is my suggestion. Take it or leave it :-)

Thanks for taking the time,

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